Becoming A Distrubutor For The Utility Warehouse

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  • Becoming a distributor with the Utility Warehouse (UK Only Business Opportunity)

This particular, work from home opportunity, gives you the following business tools and opportunities:

  • no stock to worry about
  • unlimited support
  • Ongoing Online and classroom training
  • your own hosted web page
  • The chance to become your own boss from day one

Before I continue with my no-nonsense, straight to the point review, please check out this 5-minute introduction video on the utility warehouse business opportunity which will give you a clear insight as to what this is all about. 


What’s It All About?

The utility warehouse has now been around for many years and the reason you may not have heard of them is that they don’t advertise – (more on that later.)

The utility warehouse gives people the opportunity to manage all their home utilities on one monthly bill. Gas, Electricity, Mobile Phone, Home Phone, Broadband, and just recently have introduced home insurance.

The big difference with the utility warehouse over other utility suppliers is that they are a discount club, the more services you have with them the more you can save.

How Can You Become A Distributor

As already mentioned this company does not spend a penny on advertising.

They rely solely on their army of distributors to spread the word about what this business has to offer.

As a distributor, it is up to you to develop your own list of potential suitors to this business and simply show them a presentation on the services available, If people like it great, if not you move on to the next.

To become a distributor all you simply need do is sign up:

You Don’t Have To Be A Salesman

The big mistake I made when starting my journey as a distributor was not following the training.

I tried to reinvent the wheel and quickly fell off track in regard to how I went about building a pipeline and signing people up to the business.

In the early days, I took it personally if people weren’t interested but I soon realized that this is simply a numbers game.

The more people you present the business to the more success you will have, it really is that simple.


Overview & Site Ratings

  • Website URL:
  • Training: 9 out of 10
  • Support: 7 out of 10
  • Online and classroom training: 7 out of 10
  • Success Stories: 6.5 out of 10
  • Price: £100 to register as a distributor. (includes all of your classroom and online training + your own hosted website and business email account)
  • Educated Action Rating: 6.5 out of 10


How Do You Make Money

There are a few ways you can earn with this opportunity.

The 1st is simply a customer gathering payment. You sign someone up and get a commission per sign up

The 2nd is residual income.

This is giving you a share of your customers monthly spend on their utilities.

Typically, if you have 50 customers with all services you are looking at a monthly income of approx £250 per month,

100 customers £500 – and so on.

Your residual income is locked in as soon as you hit 50 customer and commisions are locked in for as long as you are a distributor

Build A Team

Another way for you to earn is on the back of building your own team of distributors.

As a team leader, you will receive commissions on the back of your team members signing up their own customers.

As well as the commissions on offer there are many other company incentives including fast starter bonus, holidays, and the option to own a utility warehouse branded mini. 

There are now many distributors who are making a full-time wage off this one business. It is simply about being driven and managing your own hours and building your own successful business.

Is It For You – My Final Word

To be honest, becoming a distributor for the utility warehouse won’t be for everyone.

If you consider yourself to be an extrovert than you could fly with this and grow a huge income over time, however,

if you are a more of an introverted character, the business model may not suit you.

your success relies heavily on arranging appointments and following them up, as mentioned before when I started out with this opportunity I thought it would be easier than it was and when things started to slow down, and I lost focus of the training, I started to question if it was for me.

By keeping in mind “you are not selling, just presenting an opportunity” you can go far with this, If however, you are not the patient type then you may lose sight of the true potential this business opportunity has, very quickly.

I have deliberately not gone into huge detail about this opportunity as I believe it to be a very simple business to run. Feel free to download the full, warts and all presentation below

full opportunity presentation here

Like every genuine opportunity out there, this will take work and determination to succeed. In my honest opinion its definitely worth being a part of as everybody needs what they have to offer, and if you like talking to people, have a positive outlook, you can really gather momentum in this business.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Update 27/10/18

Its been a while since I wrote this review and to be honest I haven’t been an active distributor for several months now. 

As mentioned in the review the utility warehouse is not for everyone and after 2 attempts to build momentum and get into this I have ended up pursuing other opportunities. 

My reasons are as follows 

  • In my opinion, to gain success with utility warehouse you need to become obsessed with the business and work on it a lot to gather customers. 
  • Making a decent profit is dependant on signing customers up to every utility on offer. (Gas,electric,broadband,home phone,mobile)
  • I didn’t find them all that competitive. People are switched on these days to unit rates and other utility costings, and the prices which the utility warehouse offer are not bad, but nothing special. 
  • I found my sponsor, annoying, patronizing and obsessive towards the business. 
  • Charges to attend company events. I am still constantly bombarded with emails for me to register for events which are sold as a must to build your business. the cost and traveling can be costly
  • Ripped off with the company tablet offer. I was partly to blame here, as I didn’t read the small print, however, I was essentially charged £300 for a tablet which retailed at £170

I wasn’t Learning Anything

In a nutshell I was spending my time trying to sell and recruit individuals to the business and could see myself becoming another robot of the utility warehouse. 

I did make some money from the business, however, I didnt feel comfertable as I was becoming pushy towards family and friends, and anyone i seen down the pub to become a member. 

Being of an introverted character this just wasn’t for me and I soon became disinterested in the business and focused my attention on educating myself around online opportunities. 

I stress that the opportunity is not a scam and people are genuinly making a lot of money from it, however.

It’s my belief that it takes a certain type of individual to grow this into a sustainable business and that type of person – I’m not.

If you are interested in building a sustainable online business and gaining some valuable skills, please drop into my profile at wealthy affiliate and take advantage of 7 days FREE premium access which includes courses, web hosting and web building. 

Please feel free to drop me a message If you have any questions whatsoever. 

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