Why Cant I Get Motivated To Lose Weight

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My last blog post was one of optimism and positivity on the subject of losing some weight and essentially aiming to feel and look better. So, why is it that I allow my mindset to shift so suddenly and why can’t I get motivated to lose weight. 

This update is not an early submission, however, as I have promised myself and the people who take their time to read this complete honesty I need to say, I am struggling to make even the small changes. 

I’m not one for making excuses, however, I will list what’s going on in my head to try and unravel why –  like many, I struggle to gain momentum when it comes to losing some weight. 

Can’t Say No

Whether its one of my mates, dropping into the whats-app group with a request to meet up for a few beers, or the sister ringing on her way over for a play date with the kids, suggesting she bring some goodies for lunch – I just can’t seem to say no.  

I obviously question my willpower, then I somehow manage to flip it around by telling myself – 

  • I enjoy food
  • I’m not that fat really
  • who cares what people think
  • life is short, just enjoy every day

Then, I will catch my reflection in a shop window and alarm bells will start to ring and I’m back to feeling sorry for myself and searching for answers and motivation. 

Finding A Sustainable Exercise Routine

This one is simple – I’m Lazy. I know how good exercise can make me feel as I used to really enjoy the gym back in the day. I just can’t seem to get started and get that “exercise bug” back. 

I blame not having enough hours in the day, not being able to afford a gym membership, I could go on with excuses, however, this is all they are – excuses. 

I’m well aware that 1 hour of exercise every other day will be great for my health, however, as the day’s tick by I just simply don’t get round to it. 

As I write this, I’m tempted to hit the delete button as I feel like I’m just moaning and need to just get on with it and be more disciplined in my efforts. 

Why am I making this so hard, its all in my head, just eat better and go for a walk a few times a week, its simple? 

If it were easy to me, I wouldn’t have spent most of my life overweight. 

It’s All In My Head

I associate food with a feel-good factor, and I view exercise as a chore. If only I could flip the 2 around – but can I?

As I ‘ve mentioned in my vlog, I’m seeking out some good books to get my teeth into around the psychology behind my relationship with food. 

I recently listened to Russell brands book – recovery, and although I’m a big fan of the man, this book just felt a little extreme for me and I soon lost interest.

I have recently downloaded a few audio books for the car and will update later if they have done anything for me and helped me to gain a better understanding as to where i am going wrong in my approach to becoming healthier. 

Watch this space people. who knows, there maybe a little more if i get my act together. 

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