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UK Only opportunity

On my mission to build my own business and work from home, I have come across many different opportunities to legitimately work for yourself and build a sustainable income. 

With my hands held high, the majority of opportunities I tried in the early days did not work out for me.

The path I’m now on has been chosen after many failures and false starts.

Working for 20 years in the sales and service game, 5 years were spent selling gas and electricity.

Yes, I was one of those slightly annoying call centre workers.

alling you from an automated dialling system to retain your business as you opted for a new domestic supplier.

Moving on from domestic customers I had a brief spell working as an energy broker in the business world. 

The promise of uncapped commissions and excellent company benefits hooked me in.

Hearing that some brokers were making life-changing monthly incomes I was excited and raring to go. 

The reality for me was a big eye opener into the world of energy brokers and alarm bells started to ring on my first day as a “broker/business solutions manager/whatever other made up title these people are given. 

How Do You Feel About Ripping People Off?

On my first week in this new role, this question was asked to me by my new “team manager”

In all my years of sales, I had never been the type to use – high-pressure sales tactics or bogus information to gain a commision. 

Sure, I had the gift of the gab and knew how to deliver a pitch and overcome objections but I didn’t – and still don’t, have it in me to lie to increase the bank balance and keep the boss off my back. 

In my first year in the sales and service game I can recall my first ever manager also providing me with some fairly shocking sales training. 

“Just tell the customer if they buy the insurance for their new computer, after 3-4 years they can just kick it down the stairs and get a brand new one”

“When processing a credit agreement just put the insurance on anyway and don’t tell them, they only care about their monthly payment”

Being an 18 year old at the time, desperate to buy a car and go on holiday with friends I followed some of the advice, but it never felt right and my moral compass soon kicked in. 

There have always been “dodgy” salesmen and women and always will be, however for me personally and many like me certain sales practices leave a sour taste.

Build Your Own Sales Pipeline

whilst working as a “broker” I was contacted by someone via Linkedin who pitched me the opportunity to gather clients for them and be paid on a commission only basis

Sure, I was earning a decent basic salary as a broker, however.

I was still tied to the dreaded 9-5 routine.

Expected to cold call over 120 businesses per day, from a lucky dip on google, to offer our services.

To be blunt, I hated it.

The Sunday night feeling of doom and gloom was stronger than ever and I made the decision to jump ship and go it alone. 

So, What exactly is “building your own pipeline?”

Every business needs an energy supply. (can’t think of one that wouldn’t).

Given the vast number of suppliers and the complexity of the energy industry, most business owners find choosing the right deal a headache.

As a self employed consultant you can literally generate an income from drumming up a conversation. 

Sound a little to easy? 

Well, for many I believe it will be easy and for many…

I believe it will be a non-starter. 

Have a little think for a moment…

Do you have a close friend or family member who owns a business? 


How would you feel about asking them…

Who does your gas and/or electricity?

How confident are you, you’re getting the best rate?

Could I pass your number on to a pro in this field – who I trust, to make sure you are not being ripped off? 

The honest reality is that those 3 questions could lead to a commission. 

You don’t need to be an expert in the energy industry to make money from it?

building a relationship or simply leveraging a current one can be the key to building your own lucrative business. 

This opportunity doesn’t just stop with friends and family.

If you take this opportunity seriously you can stretch it as far as you want. 

Fairnet Commercial Services Vs Full Power Utilities

The following is based 100% on my own personal experience with both companies. 

Both, Full power and Fairnet offer brokering services for businesses and work on a referral basis. 

Unlike the “broker” I started out with they do not cold call businesses and rely on referrals from introducers such as you and me. 

Fairnet Commercial Services

Fairnet was the first company I was introduced to in the world of self-employed, business energy consultancy. 

All sounded good and I was excited to get started building my pipeline and building relationships with businesses.

Instead of picking the phone up and calling random businesses,

I got the suit on and called into local businesses in my area to introduce myself and drum up a conversation about the “not so exciting” world of gas and electricity contracts. 

Your main priority when speaking with businesses is to secure a signed letter of authority.

This would be forwarded to Fairnet and gives them the go-ahead to conduct the research necessary in order come back with some contract offers. 

The letter of authority allows Fairnet to contact the current energy supplier of the business you are in contact with to gather important information such as:

  •  Energy consumption history.
  • Contract end dates
  • Current rates (cost of energy) 


Following on from all research and work carried out by Fairnet they will forward you a quotation for energy contracts (see above)

It is then your responsibility to present this to the business in question with the goal to close the deal and get a signed contract for energy services moving forward. 

Full Power Utilities 

In my experience, dealing with Full power has been a great deal more straightforward. 

When you register with Full power as an introducer you will be contacted by a broker who will be your point of contact moving forward. 

The brokers are experienced in the energy industry and essentially your only role is to forward some business contact details to them so they can do the complicated stuff and close the deal. 

Sure, its advisable to maintain a relationship with the business you have approached, however.

You don’t need to know about the complex world of business energy contracts as your broker is paid well to do this for you. 

As you are paid on a commission only basis for closed business you forward to full power it’s my opinion that its best to keep things as simple as you can.

It’s in the best interest of your appointed broker to conduct business in a professional manner and close the deal resulting in commisions for you and him/her. 

How Can You Trust Them?

Lets say your best friend owns a restaurant and bar. 

On a night out you ask them about their energy costs and how confident they are they’re not paying to much and getting the best service. 

You ask them if you can pass their details on to your broker to give them a call when it’s convenient to look into things further and check out their rates.

How can you be sure the broker isn’t ripping people off like the “brokers” I worked with when i first started out in this game?

In my experience with full power and Fairnet, the difference is that they offer a full detailed comparison of many different suppliers. 

On most occasions they will conduct what is referred to as a reversed auction.

This essentially allows suppliers to bid on the business and in most cases there are 1 or 2 which will stand out from the rest, offering the most competitive rates over a set term. 

How Does The Commission Work?

 The commission structure can seem a little complex, however, I will briefly explain how it works.

As I will only be recommending full power utilities I will explain how you will be paid from them only.

You are paid on business which goes live on the back of your introductions to full power.

Remember, full power will do all the work and close the deal which results in commission for you, as the introducer.

The current commission Is 25% of the commission full power receive from the chosen energy supplier.

To keep this explanation simple, the amount of commission you receiv depends on the amount of energy used by the business and the length of the contract.

If you are committed to building a healthy pipeline of businesses then overtime its possible to generate a very juicy income from simply – forwarding business.

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