Mixing Work And Pleasure

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Not exactly the ultimate home office setup, however, I love this space.

Evening all hope things are good.

this is what I love about my current lifestyle choices. IT DOSNT FEEL LIKE WORK.

The main reasoning for my current life choices is simple………… FREEDOM

Now, what is my perception of the word FREEDOM?

I don’t see freedom as not having to work. I truly believe that if I won the lotto (say 3 mill +) it would mess me up. sure I would have some amazing experiences and live a dream for 6 months – but then what?

In truth, I never believed it would be possible to make a living at home on my laptop. As I’ve mentioned I am nowhere near where I want to be but I do believe I will get there. The only person to blame if I don’t is me.

The abundance of support and guidance online is amazing, and if you are prepared to embrace it and continue to learn (at your own pace) you will get somewhere.

In my early days of trying to create my own online business, I also dabbled in takeaway deliveries, (bet you weren’t expecting to read that)

although I was working for someone I viewed it different to previous work I had done. It was perfect to run alongside my current work building my own business and this alone gave me a sense of freedom.

Being able to work and enjoy music, stand-up comedy, the footy, is magic for me and its why I strive to make a living this way

Anyway, enough from me tonight.

more to come

keep on truckin




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