Knowledge And Locality Tests – County Durham

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Well, that was an eye opener. 

Yesterday I sat my Locality and knowledge tests to move forward with my application to obtain my private hire licence. 

With my hands held high, its safe to say I completely messed it up. 

I’ve recorded a short video on this, however, if you prefer to read the blog then feel free to skip the vid.

So, yesterday was a major bump in the road and a real eye opener. 

Its fair to say that yesterday proved it’s not an easy ride gaining your private hire licence, needed to drive with Uber. 

Firstly I will admit I didn’t study enough for the tests and I only have myself to blame for not passing. 

At the end of the day, it’s not the end of the world and I will be re-booking the tests, confident I will pass 2nd time around. 

A Little Rant  

I will get a little rant out of the way first….. 

The tests, in my opinion, were complicated to say the least.

Firstly I sat a 45 minute locality test.

The locality test has a 100% score requirement to pass and is based on your ability to use the A to Z guide. 

After driving for nearly 20 years I have not once needed to use an A to Z guide. 

Living in a world of satellite navigation, why do we need to demonstrate an ability to use an A to Z guide?

To be fair, I was made aware this was part of the test and did get acquainted with using one.  

Clearly, I didn’t study enough and will need to “get busy” if I have any hope of obtaining my private hire licence. 

Before the knowledge test, I had the opportunity to have a chat with 8 other people who were also trying to gain a private hire licence.

Out of the 8 people I spoke too, 3 were sitting the test for the 2nd time.

3 were 100% sure they had failed the locality test. (awaiting results)

The other 2 weren’t sure how it went. 

As one of them stated, the council will make a nice little wager out of failures, due to the requirement of paying every time you take the test. 

One of the guys I spoke to mentioned a friend who gave up trying after 5 attempts, as he simply got so nervous and couldn’t afford to keep throwing money away. 

 If you are thinking – ” well, the guy must have been a complete idiot” – he had worked for nearly 10 years as a furniture delivery driver.

Can’t of been that much of an idiot to hold down a driving job for 10 years.

Locality Test

So, as I have already stated this test is based on your ability and understanding, using the A to Z guide.

The test is 45 minutes long and is broken up in to 2 stages.

Stage 1

You will be required to find the page grid reference for 8 places.

Stage 2

Using the A to Z you will need to explain the fastest route for 4 different journeys.

My lack of experience and lack of learning how to use one properly was my only problem here and I only have myself to blame.

Whether I think the test is a joke or not, is irrelevant.

These are the rules and if I want a private hire licence I need to pass this.

Knowledge Test

The knowledge test is a written paper and is based on the highway code and private hire legislation.

I cant stress enough to study upon your knowledge of the highway code.

After 20 years of driving, passing last weeks driving assessment (which included highway code questions) and spending time studying up, I was confident I wouldn’t have a problem.

In truth there was 2 signs on the test, I cant recall ever seeing.

The rest of the test is specific to private hire legislation

Please download the most recent information here (yes, all 55 pages! Don’t shoot the messenger)

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