Can You Make Money Online Gambling?

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Think its fair to say that a lot of us enjoy the occasional flutter now and again.

From the footy to the horses, gambling can be a lot of fun and it’s no surprise that as a nation we have become caught up in the betting world and the question………

Can you make money online gambling? is something I’m sure many of you have pondered.

Most of the people I personally know who enjoy a flutter, do so in a responsible way and I have never personally seen gambling cause anyone any problems, however, in reality, we all know that gambling can get the better of some people and cause some big problems.

In this blog, I’m not wanting to focus on the dark side of gambling as I believe that is a separate topic to address.

Instead, I want to address those people who enjoy a bet on a weekly basis and remain in control only gambling what they can afford to lose.

That being said, if you stumbled across this blog and can honestly hold your hands up to the fact gambling has caused you some pain in the past, then I hope you learnt from your mistakes.

A story from my Dads past, which I will share with you has always stuck in my mind.

Years before I was born my dad planned a fortnights holiday with his pals to a popular UK seaside destination.

He had saved up for months so he could have a blast with his mates and first on the agenda for the 2 weeks of partying was a short bus trip to the nearest racecourse.

Now, before I go any further I will state that in all the years I have known my dad he has been a very responsible man.

He ran a successful business for more than 10 years and has always been sensible with money, never once getting into any debt.

Anyway, back to the jolly boys outing…

Loaded with money and good spirit my dad and mates hit the racecourse to start their 2-week break in style and within a few hours, he had all but ruined it.

Loss after Loss after Loss!!!

Down to his last £5 (this was the 70s so in today’s money that equates to roughly £80) he was angry and devastated and planning how to get home as he had lost most of his spending money for his 2-week knees up.

Sat with his head in his hands, one of his mates chirped up with the idea of staking his last £5 on an outsider and hope for the best.

feeling already beaten he threw caution to the wind and staked the lot on a long shot………


With the holiday saved and actually leaving the racecourse with a small profit from the day, that experience stuck with him and to this day he only gambles what he can afford to lose and has never put himself in a sticky situation like that since.



Headless Betting.

In 2018 its easier than ever to gamble.

most of us have a smartphone glued to our hand for hours every day, and whilst lying on the couch watching your chosen sport you have the power to transfer thousands of pounds from your bank to an online bookie and gamble it all – in one go if you wish.

Just last month I was watching a match and during the adverts was presented with some in play odds on the next goal scorer. “ill have a bit of that” and within 90 seconds I had staked £5 on the offer.

The player in question was substituted within 10 minutes of the 2nd half kick off……… Downer.

So… What is meant by “headless betting?”

Have you ever bet on a horse because its name was loosely linked to a family member or a specific event in your life?

This is headless betting.

Have you ever backed your favourite team to win a match, even though the odds are heavily stacked against them? (As a Sunderland fan this is something I can sadly relate to)

Again….. Headless betting.

Have you ever took the advice of drunk Dennis down the pub whose brothers, nephews wife is the trainer of a sure-fire winner in the 3:30 at Kempton?

This maybe isn’t as headless as the other examples, but it’s not far off in my opinion.

Now, I’m not saying that headless betting is the devil’s work and should never be entertained.

I have had the occasional long shot come in and its good feeling to win a decent sum of money from a very small stake, however, if you consistently bet by closing your eyes and “sticking a pin in it”, realistically you are likely to lose money over time.

Betting With Your Head

In my opinion the phrase, “betting with your head” should be taken with caution as to me it suggests there is a way to guarantee success with gambling. There really isn’t.

By definition, if you gamble on anything there is always a possibility of losing your hard-earned cash, however, there are a couple of ways you can take actions to maximise your profits and in one particular process guarantee profits using online bookmakers

Matched Betting

Matched betting is a process in which you exploit the free offers bookmakers offer you to set up an account with them.

By following the process of matched betting you can guarantee a profit before the event you have bet on has even started.

I have written 2 separate blogs on matched betting which you can check out here

At first, the process may seem quite tricky to start with but the software available to help you profit from matched betting is very useful and with a little learning and focus you really can guarantee profits in this way.

Professional Tipsters

There are many individuals who make a full time living from gambling.

From the horses to online poker there are people who become professional in this game through their dedication and studying of form and methods.

Another experience taken from my dad was from another trip to the racecourse where he got talking to a man who had just lost £2000 on one bet.

“that must sting a bit,” said my dad to the smartly dressed man.

“no, I am still over 5 grand up for the week,” he said.

Professional gamblers will no doubt suffer defeat from time to time, but the ones who make a living from it are able to stay ahead of the game and remain in profit on a consistent basis.

In all honesty, I don’t personally know the secrets of a pro gambler and for me it’s not something I would choose to get into as it seems to be a bit of a minefield, however, I am happy to take a punt on tips from the “so-called” pros as surely this option is better than sheer headless betting where you are literally handing over your cash and hoping for the best.

Can You Tap Into The Professional Bettors World?

Recently I stumbled across the BettingGods website which essentially gives you access to the pro gamblers world.

Being the sceptic I always have been with the online world I exercised some due diligence and checked it out by tracking some of the tips.

Guess what………..

Some won and some lost.

I wasn’t expecting to see win after win here, after all, I haven’t spent a penny for the tips I’ve been emailed and nothing of any value in this world comes for free right?

This being said I am continuing to track and have a flutter (on a few), as I’m currently £14 in profit after approx 8 separate bets.

I know what you’re probably thinking – why bother for £14?

Curiosity has me keen to see the long-term results from following the FREE tips I’m getting from this site as nothing suggests to me I shouldn’t.

It’s in the tipster’s best interests to provide decent free tips due to the fact, you are a potential, additional stream of income to the tipster, as you can also opt to pay for his full tipping service if you gain success from his/hers freebies.

I’m Not Spending A Penny…….. (For Now)

Sure, I’ve been tempted to hand over a few quid to gain access to the paid offers this site has hit me with, but not yet.

My intention is to give it another month of tracking the free tips sent and see how things develop over time.

the way I look at it, I enjoy a flutter anyway, always sticking to my limits and keeping it fun, so I may as well follow some advice from people who do it for a living as its still fun either way.

The tipster paid offers I’ve been sent have ranged from £20 per month to £110 per month.

At first glance, all offers have seemed steep, however, if it all depends on the quality of the tips you take a punt on.

There are numerous tipsters on this site and they all appear to be having good and bad days, so it’s worth keeping a log and seeing who is best to help you maximise your bets.

Final Word

It’s so important that I make this clear.

If you are reading this post as someone who has never gambled then I am not suggesting you go out and build a career in professional gambling.

It’s my belief that most pro gamblers have never set out to make their living this way and instead, have found themselves becoming somewhat obsessed with the betting game that it just ended up suiting them enough to continue and make a living from it.

gambling can get out of control and some people are just simply not suited to it.

my intention with this post was to reach out to those of you who currently bet but do it blindly and just hope for the best.

Surely following some decent advice cant hurt and who knows, your cheeky £5 weekly flutter could get you some tasty returns for a change.

Good luck bettors and remember………… KEEP IT FUN.














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2 thoughts on “Can You Make Money Online Gambling?

  1. Hi Lee

    Interesting article,I myself have never gambled,but I do know about the risks involved and if you are not careful it can lead own a road that is not pleasant. I have also heard about matched betting,seems to be a near risk-free way to bet,I’ve seen a few blog posts about this form of betting and some people are making a decent earning.

    All the best

    1. Hi Minhaj. thanks for your comment. yes, gambling can cause issues for some, but for the many, it is nothing more than a little fun.
      Matched Betting works as I have done quite well with it, however, I don’t see it as a long-term money maker. thanks again Minhaj. all the best to you.

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