Why Am I Doing This To Myself?

Its easy for anyone, on any sort of journey to encounter times when impatience and negativity creep in and threaten to derail, well-intentioned plans and for that little voice in your head to ask – why am i doing this to myself?

I regularly come across some real gold nuggets on a daily basis and recently a video I stumbled across really struck a chord.

You may be familiar with the very popular entrepreneur/influencer; Gary Vaynerchuk.

I watch a lot of his content as his positivity is infectious and his honest, politically incorrect approach to influencing people in the modern world is as engaging as it gets.

Recently I watched a video where Gary compared building a business and the following of your favorite sports team.

To be honest, I usually share or save video’s that stand out, but for whatever reason, I didn’t on this occasion, and Im struggling to find the content in question. 

Being a huge fan of a team that has had a huge fall down the leagues in the last few years, this struck a chord with me and I instantly could see what he was getting at.

Supporting my team is in the blood.

In It For The Long Haul

No matter how bad they are doing or what league they play in I just can’t stop following their progress in the football world.

Why is this?

Why as humans do we get pleasure out of putting ourselves through disappointment, pain, and suffering to get behind a team of highly paid individuals, some of which you don’t actually rate?

I believe the love I have for my – underachieving team, is the sense of belonging.

Holding on to the hope that one day you will witness the euphoric success and bask in the glory, rewarding you for years of support and encouragement.

No matter how bad we have played on a Saturday afternoon or how many goals have been scored against us, I soon get over the disappointment and look forward to the next opportunity, to play better and work on why we were so poor in the last match.

My team has recently dropped down to the 3rd tier of English football following back to back relegations after nearly a decade in the biggest league in world football.

Obviously, it has been heartbreaking to see our demise, but the passion and hope for a better future are as strong as ever for me and I still count down the days to matchday – whatever that may bring.

Looking at things from an entrepreneurs perspective, the correlation between supporting your team and building your own business, in my opinion, is very similar. 

Being a fan of your team and building/running a business draw the same sort of emotions. 

  • Excitement 
  • Disappointment 
  • Joy 
  • Nervousness 
  • Despair 

Still fresh in the world of online business, I see on a daily basis many individuals who are not enjoying their journey and are constantly seeking shortcuts with only one thing in mind MONEY.

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with being driven by the freedom, money can provide, but if everybody were to enjoy what they do and embrace the journey that little bit more, I believe more people would see success in their life.

Getting back to the sports analogy, something i’ve always failed to understand are “glory supporters”

Those “fans” who latch on to the successful teams with the big money and the best players, just so they can be seen to be following the best.

Most glory fans will know very little of the clubs history and the real passion will not exist for them. 

As soon as the going gets tough they easily switch off and don’t have that gut-wrenching feeling of disappointment and heartache

I acknowledge that the wording used here may seem dramatic to those who are not into sports and don’t follow a team – I will assume that if you are still reading – you get it.

I find the comparison between entrepreneurship and “Being a fan” fascinating. 

At times I want to tear my own hair out with frustration – BUT I LOVE IT!

On many occasions my optimism is shattered – BUT I LOVE IT!

There have been many occasions when I have “wasted money” – STILL, LOVE IT!

I have muttered to myself on numerous occasions – Why am I doing this to myself?

The Journey Is What Its All About

Are you enjoying your journey – whatever that is?

Do you have a “job” which you are getting something out of?

Do you have a “career” where you are constantly driven by the next promotion and higher pay grade?

Are you currently traveling after years of saving and is it all that you hoped it would be?

The reason I ask is that for many of my earlier adult years I wasn’t enjoying my “journey” and felt as though I was simply – going through the motions.

Looking back on my earlier adult years the days of the week just seemed to roll into one and I just couldn’t fit in to the 9-5 world. 

Being brutally honest with myself I was partly to blame for the years wasted in  jobs which gave me absolutely no desire to progress and move up the ladder.

Before I realized what was happening I was a married 30-year-old with a young son, mortgage and mounting debts, accrued due to simply – “not cutting my cloth to fit”. 

Although my earlier adult years were not the most sucessful I don’t look back with any regret as I believe they have shaped me to the person I’am today. 

Now, that doesn’t mean I am now a massive success. Nowhere near to be honest, however. 

I have learned to embrace the day to day and now being involved in something which interests me and can provide anyone with the same opportunities, is exciting and keeps me ticking. 

Glory Supporter vs Loyal Fan 

Similar to the mindset of the “glory supporter” I found that the work I was doing as an employee, just wasn’t lighting a fire under my backside. 

I didn’t really care about the overall success of the massive company I was working for and was only showing up for the Paycheck at the end of the month so I could pay my bills and debts. 

At the end of the day, I was just a number which could be easily replaced and I felt genuinely resentful to the company which was stealing my precious time away.

I acknowledge that to many this mindset and attitude will come across as lazy and obnoxious, but I know that many people feel the same and struggle to stay positive living this sort of life. 

My current path in life is one which gives me similar emotions to being a loyal fan. 

Although the journey is far from perfect and at times I question my sanity, I’am excited by the future and what may lie ahead.

I’m under no illusion that it all could come crashing down and I could end up back at square one.

However, these days I tend to focus on what could go right, over, what could go wrong.

I find that trying to build something which is my own is rewarding in itself, and the possibility of a future of financial freedom is an added bonus at this point in my journey.

Anything Can Happen

Like being a fan of your team, building an online business can throw up absolutely anything, at any time. 

I never stop learning and looking back on when I first started 9 months ago to learn and build a website which can help others, I have come along way. 

Like my team who over the last couple of years have gone through a massive transformation and rebuilding plan, sticking with your journey and taking the good with the bad is vital to gaining momentum and keeping the dream alive. 

For me the unknown is exciting and the education I am gaining online is fundamental for success and to help others like me who may have lost their spark. 

Time To Re-ignite your spark

The website you are reading this article on is less than 1 year old and before a single line of content was written, I didn’t have a clue where or how to get started with an online business.

In truth when I was researching the possibility of working from home and hopefully one day being able to make a living from it, I was sceptical it was actually possible for someone like me to build and sustain an online business. 

The reality is, anyone who is prepared to learn, and stick with their journey through the bad and good times can see some success.

If you a curious to learn a little more on the opportunities the online world can give you, please take advantage of 7 days FREE access to the platform I use on a daily basis to learn and grow my online business. 

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Is Moolavine A Scam

If you are here then you have no doubt stumbled across the “money making product” Moolavine and are keen to dig a little deeper to find out if it’s worth investing your precious time and possibly money into and ultimately to find out for sure, is Moolavine a scam?

As someone who is very keen to learn the ins and outs of the “online money making world”, I come across products such as this one on a regular basis.

In truth the majority, although appealing at first glance, don’t really impress me and I’am hoping to point, future online business builders in the right direction 

  • what is the product?
  • how the product really works?
  • is it a scam
  • Conclusion.

What Is Moolavine

Moolavine is promoted as an “affiliate marketing in reverse” platform, which is designed to essentially bring buyers to you who will ask to buy products through your personal affiliate link.

the program is aimed at anyone looking to make money online, especially those who are familiar with, or make purchases through the online marketplaces, jvzoo and Clickbank.

Instead of buying your products directly through the marketplace, the idea with moolavine is that you now purchase it through your moolavine account which will result in the person who referred you to moolavine, receiving the commision for that sale.

This method opens the door for you to also promote Moolavine with your be id, which will mean you become the referer and receive commissions on purchases made by the people on your “vine” who you have brought to the platform.


Its free to setup your moolavine account, however, like everything in this world there are upsells and costs involved depending on how you are looking to use and earn from the platform.

You will notice on the image above a reference to “green days.”

This is essentially how you will monetise your account and be able to make instant commisions. 

When signing up to the moolavine platform you will have the option to sign up for $1 whereby you will receive 5 green days – meaning, anyone who you refer to moolavine in that period, who goes on to buy a product through jvzoo or clickbank, using moolavine, will result in a commision for you. 

Green Days can also be earned buy purchases you make via the platform.

For example, if you buy a product for $5 you will receive 5 green days. (1 green day per $ spent.)

To be clear, the green days simply mean that people can submit an order request through your “vine” resulting in you receiving the commission for that sale. 

There is no difference in price when purchasing a product through the moolavine platform, as moolavine is simply just an entry point which allows its users to grow a network of buyers who will (hopefully) use the platform when making their purchases.

Is It A Scam 

No, its most definitely not a scam, however, this doesn’t mean I would recommend it.  

Depending on where you are with your “online money making journey” this could be viewed as a nice little side earner to run alongside your online business or you could end up zapping a lot of precious hours and money, trying to make it profitable.

Your actions when using this platform could legitimately result in $$$ hitting your Paypal account but it all comes down to the actions you take and how much of your online time you are happy to use up, trying to make this platform work for you.

On researching and using this product I can say that I know nothing of its creator Brian Winters. 

What I have found out is that he has created products similar to this before – it’s clear that Brian is very experienced in the internet marketing space and has been around for many years 


Depending on where you are with your “online money making journey” hopefully, you will have realized that most products/methods of any real value aren’t free.

There are a lot of products which are quick to mention “free to sign up” but, as soon as you dig a little deeper you will be hit by the upsells which usually offer some sort of upsell to make it a tempting proposition.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand, and in a lot of cases agree that creators should be paid for their time and effort, especially if they’re adding value and genuinely helping people, but sometimes it can get a little confusing, especially to a newbie. 

when getting started with moolahvine you don’t need to enter any credit card info as setting up your moolahvine account is free, however.

To gain access to the member’s area you will need to run the gauntlet of upsells which, depending on what type of person you are could easily set you back over $100 in a matter of minutes. 

Upsell 1

Your first upsell is is to purchase 5 green days for $1 via paypal.

Important. After 5 days you will automatically be billed for an additional 30 days of green days at a cost of $30  

The only way for you to cancel this is via your PayPal account in the pre approved payments section

In reality you will not be able to achieve a great amount in 5 days unless you can add a decent amount of people to your “vine” who then go onto purchase something through jvzoo or clickbank. 

Additionally, If you continue paying the $30 per month for unlimited green days, (keeping your account monetized) every member on your vine who also signs up to the unlimited green day plan will result in a $10 monthly commision for you. 

Upsell 2

Upsell 2 brings into play another creation of brian’s – Duel Squeeze

This essentially gives you access to a landing page builder where the aim will be to grow a list of people to add to your vine, giving you the chance to receive more commission on products that they buy.

Upsell 3 

You will then have an option to buy traffic shares which is sold as a method to grow your vine on auto pilot.

The more shares you buy the more chances you have of growing your vine to larger numbers without having to invite people yourself.

The quality of traffic you will recieve is questionable as you are relying on the system to generate your numbers, so its hard to say for sure what sort of members you will have signing up under your affiliate link. 

Final Thoughts 

As someone who is fairly new to the internet marketing space, the problem I have with these sort of products is that they don’t learn you anything and can end up taking a lot of your time, effort and money.

Sure, you can see some legitimate $$$ hitting your PayPal account, but is this sort of platform sustainable and will you really benefit from it?

The Creator Brian winter has released platforms similar to this in the past, such as the 5 figure day which didn’t last and in my opinion, I can’t see how moolavine will stand the test of time.

My Recommendation For Online Success 

If you are serious about making an income from the online world then your time and money should be spent wisely.

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As i mentioned earlier in this post I do believe that nothing of any real value comes free in this world. 

The pricing with wealthy affiliate is very straight forward and you are not hit with upsell after upsell. 

  • Sign up for free and try for 7 days. 
  • option to stay as a premium member for 1 further month for $19
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The learning and interaction with other members of this community never stops. 

the training courses withing the platform are easy to follow and include video tutorials and written content. 

As a premium member of this platform for 9 months I have absolutely no problem in putting my name to this, and potentially making some money with their affiliate program. 

I have decided not to advertise my Moolahvine affiliate link – not because the product is a scam, but simply because I don’t see any value in it and fear it will derail a lot of peoples plans and efforts. 

Please feel free to drop into my wealthy affiliate profile to have a chat about which direction you are looking to go in and what you are hoping to achieve online, in the short and long term.