Who Is Nick Pratt?

The content of this post is based 100% on my own personal experience with Nick Pratt.

So… This morning I was awoken by my 3-year-old as usual and got started with the usual morning routine.

kettle on and juice poured for the little man.

As the kettle was boiling I sat on the kitchen bench to check my emails and have a little scroll through Facebook.

To my surprise, I came across a suggested video for me, from Mr Nick Pratt. (not sure if that’s his real name, to be honest), so, who is Nick Pratt?

Let me take you back to 2016, at which time I was starting off in an MLM business and was chomping at the bit to get started and build my own “work from home business” (my journey has taken a different path of late, more on that later)

So back in 2016, I can remember, following a google search, I came across Nick Pratt and watched his video’s which were based around generating leads for my business.

It all looked great and I can remember thinking – this may be worth pursuing so I dug a little deeper.

Now, it was 2 years ago so I may be a little thin on detail here, however, what I can remember is being lead to a sales pitch, promoting some form of lead generation software which was promising a multi-step system to generate targeted leads for my business, with a call to action of connecting with “nick” on facebook.

Soon after adding nick as a friend I received a private message and the sales patter continued.

Alarm Bells Started To Ring.

The red flags and alarm bells started to ring when I started to get recorded voice messages through facebook from nick, and the voice matched the annoying guy, who appeared in the videos.

Back in 2016, I was fresh out of working nearly 20 years as an employee and working from home was new and exciting, but also a little daunting.

I was taking my own risks now and being cautious, I continued to check this guy out.

Soon into my research of Mr Pratt I stumbled across a thread on a forum in which a guy had expressed his distress at being scammed after swallowing what this guy had sold him.

As I’ve said it was a while ago but I remember the post wasn’t of a man who was angry or bitter, but more embarrassed and devastated he had been ripped off.

The scam was basically a multi-step system which offered you an incredible amount of targeted leads (I believe it was sold as a 20 step system)

After around the 6th step, everything stopped and the chap in question was left completely in the dark and out of pocket.

Following this discovery, I went back to my chat and questioned Nick about these claims, what happened next was a real eye-opener.

Almost instantly nick disappeared from my facebook and blocked me without any further conversation. 

Although I had not lost any money I was left angered that a simple search on google to help me start my business in the early days had resulted in coming close to a potential scammer, however, looking back now it served as a valuable lesson to keep my eyes open and not to be fooled again when researching online.

In truth, at the time I didn’t let the experience affect me and moved on with my journey but on seeing this guy pop up in my news feed this morning I felt obliged to write about the experience I had 2 years ago, as I really hate to see good people fall victim to those who are happy to take advantage of a persons desire to achieve and live the life they want.

Since coming across Nick back in 2016 I haven’t seen or heard of him since, maybe he is legit now and providing some value, personally in my opinion, after my experience, I wouldn’t trust this guy as far as I could throw him and I was genuinely surprised to see him pop up in my timeline 2 years on.

Feel free to do your research and I would love to hear of any experiences, good or bad, you may have had with this character.

Changing direction with my journey.

As mentioned earlier, I started off working from home as a network marketing distributor for the utility warehouse.

In truth, I actually had 2 separate attempts with this business and unfortunately, it just hasn’t been right for me.

If you are not familiar with UW they simply offer home utilities as part of a discount club and you have the opportunity to make money from;

  • gathering customers
  • signing up partners (more distributors)
  • residual income (based on customer spend and products they have)
  • earn small increments from your team signups

Although I have made money from this opportunity I felt that the business model just wasn’t suited to me.

I started to have doubts about the business on the first day of my qualifier training which in truth I found very cheesy and filled with exceptional success stories you could see only a small % of individuals would get close too.

It is fact that people have turned this into a full-time business but for me, being somewhat introverted, I found it hard to keep up with the constant badgering of friends, family, guys at the pub, work colleagues etc.

The way in which you are guided to recruit for the business, coupled with my “geekiness” for the online world and introduction to online marketing, soon seen me down tools with network marketing and continue on this very different path.

This Doesn’t Mean The Opportunity won’t Be Suited To You

As mentioned there are many partners in this business who have gone on to massive success and now make a lot of money on a residual basis as a result, so, How will you know if it’s for you?

As I have said I consider myself to be somewhat of an introverted character and although I’ve spent most of my working life in the sales and customer service game I have never felt comfortable making myself the centre of attention.

If reading this you consider yourself to be the opposite and of a more extroverted persona, then you could really fly with this sort of opportunity and quickly gain some serious momentum.

As a customer of the utility warehouse I can’t fault their  services and have no problem in promoting their products as something which will benefit you, its just simply a personal preference as to why I focus my time on the online world as I get a lot from it and continue to learn on a daily basis.

Do Your Homework

Before I wrap this up I want to close by emphasising the importance of doing your homework when choosing a business opportunity to run with.

We do live in an era full of opportunity to allow you to follow your chosen path, however, in my experience, the online world can be very murky to navigate and if you’re not careful you could end up wasting a lot of your valuable time and in worst cases your money.

That being said don’t be put off in your quest for success as a little common sense and homework is all you need to beat the scammers and fakers which you may well come across online.

Please feel free to drop into my profile at; wealthy affiliate for a chat and a tour of a great learning community, however, don’t waste your time if you are looking for a get rich quick scheme and have no intention of learning how to build an actual business which is safe and sustainable.

3 months ago I had never published a blog and the thought of being able to build my own website whilst learning some valuable skills was nothing more than a thought.

Following a little homework and a desire to help people and potentially make a living online, I find myself on an exciting road and although I have no illusions that success takes time and effort, I believe I will get where I want to be.

People Who Accomplished Things Late In Life

Chances are if you are reading this you are seeking some motivation to keep moving forward with your own personal journey, and you are only human if you have pondered the question – “Have I Left it too late to turn my dream into a reality”?

Whether you are looking to start a bricks and mortar business or your own website the questioning around your intentions is no different and although a lot of us try to remain positive, don’t beat yourself up when you have days where a little negativity creeps in, its how you handle that negativity which matters the most.

For me personally, as a man approaching his 40s, I really enjoy reading about people who accomplished things late in life and have been surprised by some examples of success in the later adult years.

Personally, these days I take a lot of positivity from the online world.

Sure, when talking about the likes of Instagram it’s hard to avoid the – cliche, maybe even “cheesy”, motivational posts which hit your timeline every hour but surely this is a better way to start your day than reading through the abundance of fake news and false insights to the lives some people are leading on facebook.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not meaning to bad mouth facebook as I use it and enjoy it, however, I can see why the use of social media to some people can impact on mental health, especially if you are prone to comparing your life to others – PLEASE DONT DO THIS.

I will admit that this is something I needed to address in my own life in my early adult years.

“why should he have the new car?”

“how lucky are they being able to go on that amazing holiday?”

I soon learnt that this sort of mindset would get me nowhere in life and it became clear that comparing my life to others was just pointless and a waste of energy.


Something I do find inspiring and interesting is reading the success stories of others, especially those stories where an individual has struggled for a big chunk of his/her adult life and have found success well into their adult years.

As my decision to pursue a life working for myself came well into my 30s I take comfort in the fact it’s never too late to have a crack at something you have always wanted to achieve

So… here are my favourite examples of people who have accomplished things late in life.

Ricky Gervais (Writer, Comedian, Actor)

I am a huge fan of this man.

Since his early days on UK t.v bringing us the office, I have followed his TV career from the start and to this day find him a comedy genius.

When I was first introduced to the office I can remember thinking it was a load of rubbish and if memory serves, I didn’t make it to the end of the 1st episode, however, it didn’t take long to become hooked with the quirky, awkward, unique hit series and to this day it remains one of my most streamed Netflix shows. .

In his mid-30s Ricky was unheard of and working for a radio station – Xfm.

after working in the office environment for many years he wrote was to become a total “monster” in the UK comedy world and went on to produce the American version of the hit show.

Just recently, Netflix allegedly paid him around $40,000,000 to stream his new (hilarious), standup show – Humanity.

The big bucks didn’t hit Ricky’s bank account until he hit 40 and serves as a lesson to all that its never too late to pursue your dream.

J.K Rowling (Author)

Even those who have never read the book or seen the harry potter movies will very probably know the name, J.K. Rowling. (I admit I’m one of those people. Not my thing.)

At the age of 30, she had completed her manuscript of harry potter and the finished book was presented to 12 publishers, all of which rejected the opportunity to move forward with it.

Around 1 year later there was a little glimmer of light as one London based publisher decided to take on the writer, along with the advice to get a normal job as her chances of making money as a writer were seen to be slim.

J.K Rowling went on to become the worlds 1st billionaire author and only lost her billionaire status due to giving so much of her wealth away to charities.

After an early adult life receiving state benefits and battling depression, JK Rowling is a true modern-day inspiration and I find it fascinating how nothing more than her imagination and passion has propelled her to the heights she is now at.

Stan Lee (Mr Marvel)

Stan Lee was 38 years old when he released his first comic book “The Fantastic 4” he then went on to create the Marvel universe in which characters including Spider-man and iron man went on to become worldwide cult icons.

Stans early career included time spent in the US army, however, his creativity and passion for writing seen him go on to greatness and as I write this, at the ripe age of 95 has just had a very brief cameo in Deadpool 2.

Samual L Jackson (Actor, Producer)

This particular story of success at a late age probably surprised me the most as it feels like this powerhouse of movie world has been around forever.

It wasn’t until his part as Jules in the brilliant pulp fiction, that he was catapulted to star status at age 46.

Before playing the part of Bible preaching, gangster Jules, a character which was written specifically for him to play by Quentin Tarantino, he had featured in 29 movies.

His love and obvious talent for acting have made him a household name and his movies have grossed billions.

Massive respect to Sam. L. Jackson. If the rumours are true which state you have a clause in your movie contracts to allow you access to a golf course during filming then you have definitely won in life. (I will not mention snakes on a plane)………….. oops.

Inspired, But Where To Start?

Obviously, the examples of success above reflect big-time success and I’m not suggesting here that you go quit your job and start your acting career, however, if you do find yourself stuck in a rut with a burning desire to create something or go after a particular dream then whats stopping you?

Sure we all live busy lives and it’s easy to say “I haven’t got the time” but at the end of the day it all comes down to how much you want it.

For as long as I can remember its been my dream to make my own money, but what exactly does that mean?

For me, I really struggled to accept the amount of my time I had to dedicate to a job in order to receive a monthly salary,

I couldn’t shake the feeling of being trapped in a daily cycle where I knew the only way for me to progress and climb the “corporate ladder” was to work more hours and take on more responsibility.

I could see others working hard and achieving promotions but I could also see the strain many friends and colleagues were under and the extra money some were being paid for their time and effort didn’t seem to make much difference to them, as at the end of the day they simply cut their cloth to fit, meaning, their car payments were higher and mortgages were bigger etc.

Now, I’m under no illusion here that we all need to work to live. That’s just life, but In 2018 I really do believe that the opportunities we have are more exciting than ever – if you choose to embrace it.

Take this blog for example. what you are reading now could potentially make me some money and if you have a computer or laptop and access to the internet, you could also make money from writing about your passion, hobby or current business.

Now, to be completely transparent, you are not reading the blog of a successful, wealthy entrepreneur.

I am still very much at the beginning of my journey and still work in a part-time job, however, the path I am taking is giving me a lot of confidence and although I have bad days like everybody, I don’t dwell on them anymore and just keep moving forward doing the best I can and learning every day.

A Move In The Right Direction

In just over 3 months I have learnt so much about the online marketing world and I owe 100% of it to just ONE website/community.

from starting off as a complete newbie in the “online money making world” I have gained a decent knowledge and understanding of the following.

    • Search engine optimization – (how to get your content noticed on search engines such as Google and Bing.)


    • Website building from scratch – (setting up your own website and maintaining it is surprisingly straightforward and for me has been very enjoyable.)


    • Keyword Research – (understanding how to use keywords in your website posts which will enable you to be seen on search engines)


The list could go on as there are many little things I have picked up along the way which has helped my confidence grow in many different areas.

The website/community I refer to has over 1 million active members all on the same sort of journey, as well as an abundance of training modules to sink your teeth into with step by step video tutorials which are beginner friendly.

Stay Away From The Noise

Something I can’t stand as someone who is quite new to this world is the number of dodgy programs and outright scams you are faced with when looking to make money online.

You may have seen the posts on social media and the web, such as;

“new Breakthrough report shows you how to make $5000 a day with zero effort”


“Follow my guide and make your first 100k online”

Although there is some decent education you can gain from some products out there to help you make money online, so much of it is nothing more than over exaggerated sales rubbish.

If you are serious about making money online you need to educate yourself properly and embrace the journey as it doesn’t happen overnight and takes time.

If you would like to see for yourself the reasoning behind my enthusiasm for wealthy affiliate please take advantage of the FREE OFFER I can give you today.



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