How To Stop Wasting Time Online

Hi all. Hope everyone is well.

So the question is.. do you occasionally find yourself online and wonder – what am I actually getting out of this?

Are you – like many, jumping around social media sites trying to find the next hilarious video you can share with friends or posting pictures of last nights takeaway pizza?

When I first started in the self-employed world one of the first things I looked at was making my own website.

At the time I had seen advertisements for web building websites but I still thought it would be a tricky and time-consuming process.

What I soon learnt was that these days the whole process from start to finish is surprisingly straightforward and for me, I found it quite addictive and enjoyable working on my site.

Breaking Down The Jargon

As my motivation is to help people at the very early stages of their “working from home” journey I will attempt to cover a few areas that might help you to understand the process of building your own online business.

What Is Hosting?

Hosting is simply where your website will live. there are many hosting sites that offer you their space to store your website ready for the online world to benefit from.

What Is A Domain?

A domain is your brand, your business, your ideas and work. My current domain is, however, I intend to have many more over time when I continue to build my online businesses.

When you eventually get to the part of your journey in choosing your domain there are many great sites which will sell you a full domain (website address), which are surprisingly affordable, straightforward to purchase, and use.


A blog or blogging is simply a journal of your own content. it quite literally can be about anything you want and is a fundamental part of a good website. Engaging your customer (like I’m trying to do now) and creating content around your brand is key to growing your brand and online business.

Have you also come across the term vlogging? this is essentially blogging but on video. If you haven’t already, check out my 1st ever vlog on my home page and this will give you an idea of what goes down in the vlogging world.

Let’s Just Stop There.

Even after writing those few paragraphs I can see straight away how off-putting starting a website, or any online venture can be to a person who has just learnt to use their Facebook account and set up an email address.

Now I would like you to imagine an online community (website)  which has everything you need to get started on building your website with unlimited support and some pretty impressive tools.

I will address the elephant in the room, “YES” I am selling something to you. Isn’t that why we are all on this journey? to make money in the online world. May as well be honest.

I have scoured the internet for years looking for that perfect money making opportunity. In the early days, it was looking for a get rich quick scheme which didn’t exist and once I soon realised that, my mind was opened to the realistic options the online world has to offer.

As I’ve said before and will be sure to say again. becoming successful takes work and perseverance, however, that doesn’t mean there isn’t shortcuts and ways to accelerate your success.

Can you imagine being a member of a community which offers the following all in one place?

  • Website Hosting (A safe home for your website and blogs)
  • Website builder (all the tools you need to create your website from scratch)
  • A community full of people on the same online journey (less drama than Facebook and all the support needed for success)
  • More than 10 online courses educating you on how to make money online.
  • Video tutorials
  • Webinars (live online training events)
  • Live chat (need some motivation or get stuck? drop in for a chat with members of the community)

Please check out this review on a community with a BIG difference.

keep it, positive people.

hope we can talk soon.








Is Matched Betting Risky?

UK Only Opportunity

First things first….. matched betting is NOT GAMBLING!

When I was first introduced to this opportunity my first thought was – “sounds risky.”

This lead to a few hours doing my research and in this simple introduction to matched betting, I will attempt to address all of your doubts and concerns.

What Is Matched Betting?

Matched betting is a process in which you guarantee a profit by exploiting the free bets online bookmakers offer new and existing customers.

As you may be well aware gambling in the UK is big business and its hard to avoid the number of advertisements banded around social media platforms this day and age.

Matched betting is a simple process to follow, however, you need to be committed to following the process and staying focused to achieve good profits.

Two Sides To The Matched Betting Process

In the image to the right, you can see the 2 sides to betting.

The way in which you guarantee a profit with this system is by essentially involving yourself with both sides of the betting game.

So… if you bet on Manchester United to win a game of football, you would cover this bet by also betting on them NOT to win. This essentially is the fundamental basics of matched betting.

Is Matched Betting Legal?

YES! Matched betting is 100% legal. Don’t feel I need to say more than that, to be honest.

Is There Realy No Risk Of Losing Money?

As this money making opportunity involves placing and laying bets you will need a float to start.


 The minimum recommended float is £50, however, if you have more funds available to use you can hit bigger profits faster.

As you are covering your bet by laying it off with an exchange and providing you follow instruction it is not possible to lose a penny with this process, however, if you choose to have a few pints or glasses of wine and don’t check your odds match or bet on the wrong game, horse, tennis match, whatever, YES you could lose a few £££.

In a nutshell, the process of matched betting is risk-free, not concentrating on what you are doing with each bet you place and lay could end up with a loss, so be careful and you cant lose.

Where To Start

The process of matched betting would be very time consuming and complex if it were not for websites which provide you with everything you need to make tasty profits.

In my honest opinion using a match betting tool such as Oddsmonkey, the process of matched betting is quite fun and very rewarding. Oddsmonkey provides training, video tutorials, profit trackers, an online community packed with others making money in this game.

Everything you need to maximize this opportunity is available on this platform and you can set up an account for FREE.

Overview And Site Ratings

  • Website URL:
  • Training: 9.8 out of 10
  • Support: 9 out of 10
  • Tools: 9.5 out of 10
  • Price: Starter Member (free) Premium member (£17.99 Per month or £150 Per year)
  • Motivated-parent rating: 9.5 out of 10


My Final Word

Matched betting certainly won’t be for everyone.

If you consider yourself to be patient and know your way around your internet browser (google chrome, explorer, firefox etc) you may really enjoy this opportunity.

People have made thousands in profit using this process and still to do to date, and remember, it’s all tax-free.

Like all money making opportunities available in the online world, there are certain things I would personally like to make you aware of with this opportunity and will be uploading a video and additional blog on areas which will help you understand and maximise on your profit and overall matched betting experience.

Personally, for me, I don’t see matched betting as an actual business opportunity.

In the start for me matched betting was something to give me some extra disposable income, however, I did go on to make some sizable profits and today  matched betting covers other online business costs that I have, such as paying for the building and hosting of the website you are on right now, (More on that here) and some extra pocket money.


Matched betting is certainly worth a try and you can sign up for free with OddsMonkey here and complete the training and the first two profit-making guides at your own pace.

The premium option with OddsMonkey (£17.99 per month) is simply added value and cuts out all of the hassle and complexities of the world of matched betting.

The premium option will open the door to every other free bet offer across the online betting world as well as access to the OddsMonkey community where you can talk to OddsMonkey staff and other members about anything matched betting…….. (or the weather if you fancy)

The video tutorials within OddsMonkey literally walk you through the process of each transaction resulting in only one thing……..



Please check out my additional blog on this money making offer here  and remember……


So please ask away….

Happy profit hunting people

much love










Mixing Work And Pleasure


Not exactly the ultimate home office setup, however, I love this space.

Evening all hope things are good.

this is what I love about my current lifestyle choices. IT DOSNT FEEL LIKE WORK.

The main reasoning for my current life choices is simple………… FREEDOM

Now, what is my perception of the word FREEDOM?

I don’t see freedom as not having to work. I truly believe that if I won the lotto (say 3 mill +) it would mess me up. sure I would have some amazing experiences and live a dream for 6 months – but then what?

In truth, I never believed it would be possible to make a living at home on my laptop. As I’ve mentioned I am nowhere near where I want to be but I do believe I will get there. The only person to blame if I don’t is me.

The abundance of support and guidance online is amazing, and if you are prepared to embrace it and continue to learn (at your own pace) you will get somewhere.

In my early days of trying to create my own online business, I also dabbled in takeaway deliveries, (bet you weren’t expecting to read that)

although I was working for someone I viewed it different to previous work I had done. It was perfect to run alongside my current work building my own business and this alone gave me a sense of freedom.

Being able to work and enjoy music, stand-up comedy, the footy, is magic for me and its why I strive to make a living this way

Anyway, enough from me tonight.

more to come

keep on truckin




What Is An Entrepeneur?

To be honest I have never liked the word entrepreneur. In my early adult years, my perception of an entrepreneur was of someone who was already rich and could afford to take risks in their working life. I don’t think that now.

Hey everyone and welcome to my 1st ever Blog.

So a very brief breakdown of where my life is at the moment :

  • Late 30s, married, 2 boys.
  • On the overweight side of life. (working on it)
  • Finances starting to get into shape after a few years of struggle
  • worked in awful jobs with no real desire to progress

I recently watched a video on YouTube of a very well-known successful entrepreneur talking about how lucky this generation is in regard to the opportunities we have. Something struck a chord with me there and the more I thought about this the more sense it made.

Getting back to “what is an entrepreneur?” I now see this word in a very different light to how I did in my early adult years. Anyone in this day and age can become an entrepreneur. whether you manage a busy window cleaning service or a monster business employing 1000s of people, the entrepreneur label fits.

Most entrepreneurs that I am familiar with have started off with little to no real capital. Speaking from my own personal experience I can honestly say I risked my marriage with the decision I made years ago to go solo and make my own money. As I have said the last few years have been challenging, however, even though I am nowhere near my own personal goals I certainly have no regrets whatsoever.

My main goal with this site is to make a real difference to one person’s life. If I can get 1 email off one person, whether it is 3 months or 3 years from now stating how this site has pushed them in the direction of a happier successful life then, for me, I have achieved something special.

If you have read this far on my blog then thanks for staying with me so far, I am signing off but not before I ask the following question.

Do any of the following ring true to you???

  • spend a lot of time on your phone
  • mainly social media sites
  • do you think your interaction with others online helps you
  • are you sceptical that its possible to make money online

Please check out my review of an online community which will really make you think.

Take it easy people of the world.

Hope you will be back.